Rotax Max is the most popular category of karting worldwide with classes available from age 7 through 700.  The category is based upon a 125cc 2-stroke engine with an electric starter.  Rotax Max has a global series which allows competitors to race in a local Rotax Max Challenge (RMC) series with the opportunity to earn a spot at the Rotax Max Nationals which in turn offers the opportunity to earn a spot at the Rotax Grand Finals which is held at a different venue worldwide each year.

Msquared has been an official authorized Rotax Max service center for over a decade.  We have a wealth of experience building, racing and tuning on the Rotax Max engine package.  Our race-ready Rotax Max karts utilize OTK chassis which have dominated all classes of the Rotax category for the past several years.

If you want to learn more about the Rotax Max category or to discuss your options, give us a call at 801-972-4631 or email us via the form on our contact page .

Rotax Max Senior Complete Race-Ready Karts, age 15 and upPrice
Tony Kart Racer 401
Kosmic Mercury$8,995.00
FA Victory$9,075.00
Rotax Max Masters Complete Race-Ready Karts, age 32 and upPrice
Tony Kart Racer 401$8,995.00
Kosmic Mercury$8,995.00
FA Victory$9,075.00
Tony Kart Krypton 801 (32mm)$8,995.00
Kosmic Lynx (32mm)$8,995.00
FA V2 (32mm)$8,995.00
Rotax Max Junior Complete Race-Ready Karts, age 13-16 Price
Tony Kart Racer 401$8,795.00
Kosmic Mercury$8,795.00
FA Victory$8,875.00
Rotax Mini Max Complete Race-Ready Karts, age 9-12Price
Tony Kart Racer 401$8,895.00
Kosmic Mercury$8,895.00
FA Victory$8,975.00
Rotax Micro Max Complete Race-Ready Karts, age 7-10Price
Tony Kart Rookie$6,550.00
Kosmic Rookie$6,550.00
FA Rookie$6,550.00

Some photos in the gallery above are only to illustrate different chassis options available for this category of karts.