About Msquared

Msquared was established in 1999 with one philosophy in mind: Offer the finest kart racing products on the market, at fair prices and back those products with the best service in the industry.

In every aspect of kart racing, we are true to our founding vision and insist on offering only the best products such as Tony Kart, Kosmic and FA Kart.  We believe kart racing is a serious endeavor which requires the best equipment. We won’t sacrifice quality and we don’t believe our customers should either.

Carrying the finest products is only part of what separates Msquared from the rest. We take great pride in the quality of our service. From engine rebuilding to trackside support we strive to go the extra mile to make sure each of our customers is satisfied and able to reach their maximum performance.

We believe that quality service means taking the time to help each customer that contacts us and assisting our customers with chassis setup, engine tuning and driving is part of excellent customer service. Above all, we believe that an honest, up-front approach to doing business is the only way to treat our customers.

Thanks for visiting Msquared. We sincerely hope that you like what you see and will choose to make us your source for racing success.