Driver Training

The single best way to improve performance is with driver training and coaching.  Mike Beeny and Bonnier Moulton are both front-running national drivers with years of experience coaching, instructing and performing intensive data and video analysis.  We can arrange track time at Miller Motorsports Park in half-day and full-day increments to insure you or your driver receive all the attention required.  A typical driver training session will consist of a combination of the following techniques:

    • Observation – The coach will observe the driver from various points on the circuit looking specifically at braking points, turn-in points, apex locations and driving lines.
    • Lead/Follow sessions – The coach will follow the driver to observe racing lines, braking points, turn-in points, and apex locations.  Then the coach will move in front of the driver to demonstrate the proper techniques.
    • Track map lessons – Using our oversized track map, the coach will illustrate the proper racing lines on the circuit and explain the reasoning behind the proper line through each corner.
    • Video analysis – The coach will watch onboard video of the driver explaining where and how improvements can be made.
    • Data analysis – Using an onboard data system, the coach is able to dissect every aspect of the driver and karts performance to fine-tune driving technique as well as kart and engine setup.
    • Two-seater ride along – Used primarily for shifter kart coaching, the driver will ride as passenger in our unique two-seater shifter kart to experience firsthand the proper driving techniques, braking points and racing lines.

For more information on Msquared’s driver training program, please call us at 801-972-4631 or email us using the contact form on the contact page.