In-Shop Services

Kart Maintenance, Preparation and Repair
To stay competitive on the track, regular kart maintenance is critical. Msquared has a fully equipped race shop with the parts and expertise to fine-tune your kart. Services include full race preparation, engine tuning, alignment, tire mounting, welding, brake service, and anything else your kart might need.

Engine Repair and Rebuilding
From minor repairs to complete engine rebuilds, Msquared has years of experience to insure the work is done right with the best parts on the market.  We were one of the first Rotax Max authorized service centers in the country and have repaired and rebuilt hundreds of Rotax Max engines.  We’ve also been racing, selling and rebuilding shifter kart motors of all types since the mid ’90s.  Whatever engine you have and whatever work it needs, we can bring it back to optimum performance.

Engine Development and Dynamometer Testing
Our in-house engine dynamometer resides in a brand new, purpose built, climate-controlled room for unparalleled precision. Whether it’s simple engine testing, break-in, optimization or comprehensive parts comparisons to find the optimum combination, we have the equipment and experience to insure your engine is performing at its peak.

Chassis Straightening
Sometimes accidents happen and when they do, we can check your chassis on our custom frame table.  If it’s tweaked, we have the expertise to coax it back into shape.

Kart Storage and Transportation
Tired of hauling your kart to the track on race day? Or, need a long-term storage solution during the off-season? At Msquared we offer monthly, semi-annual and annual storage. If you don’t have a trailer or simply cannot get your kart to the track, there’s no problem. Msquared can transport your kart to and from the track for race weekends, test and tune sessions and private coaching days.